Horror Short Film Revives the Viral Momo Challenge

Horror fans know the sudden appearance of a crate is never, ever a good thing, especially if that crate is old and marked with some kind of warning or other sinister writing. But while Creepshow segment “The Crate” may have inspired the set-up for short film Momo, its monster is of a more newfangled breed.

Its identity is spoiled a bit by the title, and the YouTube thumbnail will absolutely take you back to 2019, when a bug-eyed beastie gripped the internet’s horrified imagination until the next delightfully awful thing came along. But how Momo fits into this context draws on that classic horror “whatever’s in this dirty old wooden box cannot be good” scenario.

MOMO – Short Horror Film | 4K

According to a comment on the YouTube video left by lead actor Michael Southgate (he’s also one of the film’s producers, its second assistant director, and credited with SFX and sound design), Momo was filmed in just one day and night. Writer-director Joshua Armstrong also handled the cinematography. You can check out more from Last Dog Films on the company’s website.


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