Start your PlayStation 5 over

The PlayStation 5 is a wonderful console and has oodles of great games to offer up for those lucky enough to have one in their home. If you've got a PS5 ...

Our Flag Means Death Lets Its Fandom Freak Flag Fly

Few shows have enjoyed the kind of immediate, deeply invested fanbase that Our Flag Means Death garnered in 2022. This silly, tender, queer pirate show ...

Pixel sales surge in North America, but Google should stay cautious

Key Takeaways Google's smartphone business is thriving, with a 59% increase in shipments compared to last year, despite a decline in the overall ...

Amazon Invests Up to $4 Billion in OpenAI Competitor Anthropic

In its latest bid to adopt artificial intelligence technology, Amazon announced on Monday that it is investing a bundle in OpenAI competitor Anthropic. The ...

5 reasons why you should use a phone case

In a world where most modern flagship smartphones cost $800 and above, it’s important that you protect your investment and do your best to retain its ...

The future smartphones of 2023

With the pace of smartphone evolution moving so fast, there's always something waiting in the wings. No sooner have you spied the latest handset, that ...

Amazon Restricts Authors to Self-Publishing Three Books a Day

Image: Anna Svetlova (Shutterstock)As authors grapple with the anxiety of an impending AI takeover in the publishing world, Amazon wants you to know that ...

SpaceX Competitor Suffers Mission Failure During Launch

Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket suffered an anomaly during the company’s 41st mission. Photo: Rocket LabRocket Lab’s 41st mission, named “We Will Never Desert ...
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