Best Samsung Galaxy S23 FE cases 2023

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These Samsung Galaxy S23 FE cases help protect and personalize the best in the Galaxy.

The Galaxy S23 FE is Samsung’s absolute latest Galaxy phone. Announced on Oct. 4, it’s the most budget friendly, lowest cost of all the Galaxy S23 phones. That doesn’t mean it’s at all lacking in specs you’d want or expect in a new smartphone. If you’re planning on picking up the new Galaxy S23 FE, you’ll want to protect your investment with the best case.

Even though it’s a budget Galaxy phone, the Galaxy S23 FE is still a $600 device. You don’t want to waste that money by dropping your phone and getting a cracked screen or busted camera in the first week. Although the Galaxy S23 FE was only just announced, there is still plenty of variety among the available case choices for it, and we’ve gathered the best variety for whichever use and style you prefer.

  • Oneagle


    Oneagle Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

    Best Samsung Galaxy S23 FE case overall

    $17 $20 Save $3

    Our top choice from Oneagle has 12-foot military grade drop protection thanks to a dual layers or protection made of thermal plastic and polycarbonate. It has 2mm raised edges to protect your screen and camera. It also comes with two screen protectors and five different color options.

  • Oterkin clear case


    Oterkin Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

    Best clear Samsung Galaxy S23 FE case

    $16 $19 Save $3

    This clear case from Oterkin has Blu-ray molecule injection and an antioxiant layer to keep the case looking clear. It also has a military-grade 10-foot drop protection. It’s compatible with wireless charging and comes with two 9HD tempered glass screen protectors.

  • Oterkin water proof case


    Oterkin Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

    Best rugged Samsung Galaxy S23 FE case

    If you’ve ever wanted to take underwater photos, this case from Oterkin is a great choice. It lets your phone stay under six feet of water for 30 minutes. It’s also probably the most durable case on our list, but it is a little bit bulky. A style trade off for rugged use and waterproofing that could meet your needs for your next adventure.

  • Ostopher case


    Osophter Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

    Best cheap Samsung Galaxy S23 FE case

    The Osophter case offers protection for your phone with a simple one-piece design made from TPU. It features raised lip protection and cushioned corners to help protect your phone. It comes in three different colors and is one of the best cheap cases for the Galaxy S23 FE.

  • Vaki Case


    Vaki Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

    Best do-it-all Samsung Galaxy S23 FE case

    $15 $17 Save $2

    This case from Vaki has military-grade protection thanks to its unique case design with polycarbonate built into a TPU outer shell. It also features a 1.2mm bevel around the edge of your screen and camera for extra protection. The case features a 360-degree rotatable metal stand for hands-free video viewing.

  • Yenapoon


    Yenapoon case for Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

    Best color options for Samsung Galaxy S23 FE case

    Yenapoon cases are your best choice if you want eye-popping color choices to go with great protection. The cases are made of jelly silicone and have 10-foot drop protection. It comes in eight colors: Black, red, florescent green, bright orange, coral pink, space grey, clove purple, and deep purple. Choose your favorite to up your new phone’s style game.

  • Aera


    Arae Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

    Best Samsung Galaxy S23 FE wallet case

    This case is made from premium leather and features a wallet that can store four cards. The leather is supported by polycarbonate to provide extra protection, and the screen cover can fold into a stand for hands-free viewing experiences. It comes in four different colors to provide solid variety in style for a multipurpose case.

  • MDCN


    MDCN Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

    Best cheap rugged Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

    This case from MDCN provides extra durability in a affordable package. It has passed a 10-foot military drop test, and the hard outside layer of the case features raised edges to protect the screen and camera. It also has a sleeker design than most rugged cases, to appeal to those who don’t want a bulky look.

How to choose the best Samsung Galaxy S23 FE case for you

It’s easy to pick a case based only the price. There are perfectly functional value options under $10, like the Osophter case, but there are other important things to consider when selecting a Galaxy S23 FE case, such as the level of protection it provides, how you plan to use your phone, and what type of style you’d like. Selecting the best combination of those three factors comes down to what exactly you want in a case and how much you want to spend, but we’ve selected a wide array of choices we believe are the best options to fit those parameters.

We settled on the Oneagle case as our best Samsung Galaxy S23 FE case. It has a stellar 12-foot military grade drop protection with a simple but sleek design that most people will enjoy for day to day use. If you’re someone who prefers a clear case, the Oterkin clear case is our top option because of its high-end 10-foot drop protection combined with Blu-ray molecule injection and antioxidant layer to protect against yellowing.

How did we select the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Fe cases

We focused on finding the highest-rated cases from reputable brands that are available to buy from popular retailers, and then we whittled our selections based on the key factors we feel make the best Galaxy S23 FE cases: a combination of price and durability. Once we eliminated cases that were needlessly expensive or not durable, we were able to find our top choice and seven other options that great for different needs.

Will other Galaxy phone cases fit the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE?

No. Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is a different size than all other Samsung phones, so you will need an S23 FE-specific case for your phone. The Galaxy S23 and S23 FE models are similar devices in most respects, except for the size. The standard S23 measures 146.3 × 70.9 × 7.6mm, while the S23 FE is slightly bigger measuring 158 x 76.3 x 8.2mm. So even a case for the Galaxy S23 won’t come close to fitting a Galaxy S23 FE.

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