Rivian R1T, R1S with Max Pack battery top 400-mile EPA range

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Rivian now offers the longest range for an electric pickup truck or electric three-row SUV currently on sale, based on EPA estimates for the company’s R1T and R1S equipped with the available Max Pack battery.

The R1T pickup truck with the Max Pack battery is rated by the EPA at up to 410 miles. The R1S SUV with the battery is rated at up to 400 miles.

The range ratings were announced by Rivian on Tuesday and are not yet available on the EPA’s website.

The figures are the same regardless whether the vehicles are equipped with the 533-hp Dual-Motor AWD powertrain or 665-hp Performance Dual-Motor AWD powertrain. Rivian is yet to offer the Max Pack battery with its 835-hp Quad-Motor AWD powertrain.

Rivian R1T with Dual-Motor AWD and Max Pack battery rated at 410 miles by EPA

Pricing for a R1T with the Max Pack battery starts at $90,800. The R1S with the same battery starts at $95,800. Both figures include an $1,800 destination charge.

Deliveries of the R1T with the Max Pack have already started, while deliveries for the R1S with the same battery will begin later this fall.

Rivian’s R1T and R1S with the mid-level Large Pack battery are both rated by the EPA at up to 352 miles. With the entry-level Standard Pack battery, the R1T is rated at up to 328 miles and the R1T gets a rating of up to 321 miles.

Rivian won’t be the electric truck and three-row SUV range king for long. Chevrolet’s upcoming Silverado EV in Work Truck guise has already received an EPA range estimate of 450 miles, and the Lucid Gravity three-row SUV due next year is promised with the most range of any EV SUV on the market.

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