Lance Stroll apologizes for conduct at Qatar GP, receives written warning from FIA

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LONDON — Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll apologized to Formula One’s governing body and received a written warning Friday for his conduct at the Qatar Grand Prix, where he shoved a member of his team in frustration after an early exit in qualifying.

Stroll was knocked out in the first qualifying session last Friday and then angrily threw his steering wheel on the ground as he got out of his car, before pushing personal trainer Henry Howe out of the way as he exited the team’s garage.

In his TV interview moments later, he responded to questions about his performance with an expletive and a few terse words.

The FIA said Friday that its compliance officer had received an apology from Stroll “regarding his actions” in Qatar and that the Canadian driver had received a written warning “reminding Lance of his responsibilities as a competitor bound by the FIA Code of Ethics and other FIA ethical and conduct guidelines set forth by the sporting regulations.”

The FIA added that it “maintains a zero-tolerance stance against misconduct and condemns any actions that may lead to physical harassment.”

Stroll went on to finish 11th in Sunday’s race, which was won by Max Verstappen.

The Aston Martin team is part-owned by Stroll’s father, billionaire Lawrence Stroll.

Stroll is 10th in the drivers’ standings this season, while teammate Fernando Alonso is fourth.


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